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Friday, May 13th 2011

7:29 PM

A Remnant Report from Colorado & The World

By Pastor Bruce Sikes

I wanted to take a moment to update you before posting the next Remnant article later this week. There are two things I’d like to share with you. One is a brief “report” on what I will call a Remnant Discipleship Conference which my wife and I recently attended in Colorado, USA. It is something you will want to read about it!. There is also a link at the end of the report to a powerful short film which is available for viewing online. It is called “The Gospel”. The debut was on Easter Resurrection Sunday at the conference. It will knock you to your knees!

Before that, however, I think you will find it interesting to hear a bit of the scope and interest generated by our little Voice Of The Remnant ministry. Everything God has shown me about His calling forth a Remnant, along with what I have experienced in my international travels, is being continually confirmed through the ministry web site. The statistical information gathered from the VOTR web site indicates views from approximately 40 diverse countries! Moreover, numerous emails are received from both church members and pastors who have been awakened by the Lord’s Remnant call. Naturally, the United States, being the web site’s country of origin, receives the most hits. However, I have corresponded with fellow believers from places such as far ranging as Africa and Australia. Here is a map and a list of the countries.

United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Kenya, India, Iceland, Philippines, New Zealand, Cote D'Ivoire, Jamaica, Japan, Russian Federation, Brazil, Pakistan, Lebanon, Korea, Hungary, Norway, France, Kuwait, Europe, Greece, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Namibia, Tanzania, Cameroon, Virgin Islands, U.S., Taiwan, Niger, Ghana, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates…

What amazes me most is not the diversity of people, churches and countries, but that they are speaking with one unified voice for reformation, revival, and evangelism. There can be no explanation for this other than a movement of God’s Holy Spirit through His people.

Most of the first time correspondences I receive begin with phrases such as, “I was stirred up in my spirit and I didn’t know what God was trying to show me.” or “I didn’t understand what was wrong at my church.” Then they often finish with the phrase, “…until I stumbled upon the Voice Of The Remnant web site.”

Here are a few excerpts from the correspondences by those faithful believers.

"I must say that very rarely do you hear these truths being proclaimed....Please pray that God may put the right words into my mouth."

Thomas: Calcutta, India

"I've enjoyed reading the articles posted on the Voice of The Remnant and would like to encourage you to continue providing sound doctrine via the web."

Robert: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA


"Was doing some individual studying for an upcoming message and "happened" up on this site. WOW!!! YHWH is faithful to his Remnant. Now is time to Reposition. We have our marching orders from the Father. Let's unite in prayer, fasting, etc., to bring our nation to its knees and our leaders to their faces."

Pastor, Texas, USA

"Be blessed, man of God. I'm a Pastor, ministering in Kenya. Last year when I was at the church for 3 days’ prayer and fasting, on the second day at about 3 am, I was in the spirit when a voice spoke to me saying "You are my voice to the Remnant, never be silent from now on."' When I woke up, I began to meditate on it, without hesitation. I told my church leadership, "We are a Remnant of God." I had no idea of your web site until today. God bless you, your brothers are here!"

Pastor J: Kenya

"Dear Bruce, I had a word from our Lord in 2009. Now I understand what has been happening to me! Thank you for being so obedient to the MOST HIGH! I will share all the blessed information that I found on your website with everybody I can."

Esme: Cape Town, South Africa

“I have known Bruce for several years... I have watched him trust God and stand in the face of trials. His love for God and His people sets him apart to be able to join together the remnant that God is separating out. We face an interesting time, and our ability to support one another will be a blessing.”

Dennis: Anchorage, Alaska USA

“I especially like the area on remnant scriptures! That was some solid Word. I should be able to use a lot of that to help encourage myself and those I know who are struggling with a lot of the same stuff we've been talking about. Brother, the warfare has picked up! You've put a lot into this website, and I think it will stand to help a lot of people who are searching for truth.”

Sean: St. Louis, Missouri USA

My goal has not been to start yet another major ministry and missions organization with multiple staff and financing. It has simply been to get the word out on this Remnant movement of God. I have not tried to “engineer” anything, but rather let the Holy Spirit use what He may from the ministry to spread the Lord’s message in His own way.

When we do that, it is amazing to see how the Lord guides us to kindred spirits for encouragement and the building up of our own ministries and missions.

Such was the heartwarming surprise as my wife and I arrived at Ellerslie. Ellerslie is a school for training Remnant Warriors. Those are my words and not the founders’, yet I believe it fits well. The campus is located in Windsor, Colorado and is the ministry and mission of Eric Ludy and his wife Leslie. They are prolific authors, particularly in the area of developing Godly relationships.

Now, I will not attempt to relate Eric’s testimony here and thereby do him a major injustice; suffice to say that a few short years ago God had him refocus and redirect his ministry to waking the church up! Again, these are my words not his; but I know his story so well, even though I had never heard of him or his ministry prior to attending the conference.

A few weeks before arriving in Colorado, my wife asked me, “Now who is Eric Ludy and what is Ellerslie?” I told her I didn’t know, only that God wanted us to go. Just as others have “stumbled upon” the Voice Of the Remnant web site, I, too, stumbled upon the Ellerslie web site. I saw the information for the “Taste of Ellerslie” Conference and instantly knew I had to go. There is no way of explaining it other than the Holy Spirit’s gift of Discernment.

The discipleship conference itself was very intense, much more than most Christians typically experience. Having said that, it is not more than we all need on a regular basis. It is just more than we receive from the overwhelming majority of our churches, seminaries and Bible schools. That reality is shameful, but I will save those comments for the next VOTR article!

There are five over-arching things Ellerslie does:

1) Scripture, Scripture, Scripture…and they all point to Jesus
2) The Gospel….live, breath, eat, drink, and speak the Gospel.
3) Prayer…developing a prayer life that shakes heaven and earth and enters the presence of God
4) Honor…developing and practicing 24/7 holy behavior, self sacrifice and obedience
5) Intercession…standing in the gap, defending the weak and persecuted

Good “Remnant of God” qualities, wouldn’t you say? Not unlike the five areas of emphasis on the VOTR web site.

1) Proclamation & Prophecy… of God’s Holy Word
2) Persecution…staying strong and obedient
3) Spiritual Warfare…
4) Prayer…genuine, deep and powerful
5) Evangelism…the outpouring of the Gospel

Over the course of the conference, I continually heard the words from the Voice Of The Remnant ministry echoing throughout the building. Even more, during Eric Ludy’s preaching and teaching, I found myself finishing his next sentence in my head. This is what happens when we are in tune with the Holy Spirit. It is not simply men speaking, but the words and heart of God being forthrightly expressed.

There were about 100 attendees at the conference from all over the United States, Canada, and elsewhere. What a pleasure it was to be in the presence of so many like-minded and truth-seeking people all in one place. Ellerslie also has an on-campus student population living in a couple of dormitory buildings. These students, mainly college age, spend anywhere from a semester to one year training to be Brave-hearted Warriors for the Lord. This is what we need for such a time as this. As I said in a previous article, We need Warriors for Christ, not wimps! I praise God for the work Eric and Leslie Ludy are doing at Ellerslie.

If you ever have an opportunity to visit Ellerslie, then by all means do so. It will challenge you to be all you can be for Christ. Even though our own visit was a short one, when my wife and I left we felt very sad, as though we were leaving our family behind. If it is not possible for you to visit in person, then I would urge you to avail yourself of all the online sermons and teachings from Ellerslie, and other unashamed teachers and preachers of the Word, as well as the Voice Of The Remnant web site. Be a Brave-hearted Warrior for Christ!

Eric has written a book called The Brave Hearted Gospel which I recommend, along with many others he has written. More information on Ellerslie, along with Eric and Leslie Ludy, can be found on the Ellerslie web site which is located in the “Links & Resources”section of the www.VoiceOfTheRemnant.org site.

Now here is the short film I mentioned earlier, called “The Gospel”.

Be prepared! Turn the sound up and enlarge the screen for better viewing.

It is available on the VoiceOfTheRemnant’s YouTube Site:


And from Eric & Leslie Ludy’s Ellerslie YouTube Site:


And the main page of:



For Christ and His Remnant,
Pastor Bruce


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